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    Our product has passed the certification industry, in line with the EU ROHS SGS certification, at the same time, we are committed to providing first-class quality products, professional solutions and quickly transferred to detailed service makes all partners all Lu value added amounted to a win-win situation. Exsun Electronics Co., Ltd. in order to continuously improve product performance and quality in order to sustainable development of the business philosophy, continue to meet customer requirements, and become a technology leader in the development and production of electronic materials.

    We recommend that the heat conduction gap filling materials, thermal silicone sheet,thermal pad, thermal double-sided tape, thermal grease,thermal paste and ultra high conductivity thermal conductivity materials and other products, the thermal conductivity can meet to suit the needs of a variety of different applications of heat dissipation, widely used in computer, communications, military, automobile, electrical and Mechanical equipment and electronic products of the thermal conductivity materials applications. With the market for notebook computers, high performance CPU, chips, tablet PCs, mobile phones and other electronic equipment, electrical and mechanical equipment and the requirements of the heat sink for cooling. We provide temperature range of operation (-50 degrees to 200 degrees C) and equivalent to UL94VO fire proof thermal conduction products to meet market demand. Thermal conductive products are widely used in the world's largest industrial OEM, including the automotive industry, computer industry, power, speed chip, LED, etc..

    Exsun Electronic Co., Ltd. thermal products designed for in use due to produce a lot of heat surface influence its performance and appearance of the equipment to provide a solution, not our thermal products can also very good control and heat treatment and cooling to a wide range.

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