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    VHB acrylic foam tape
     Detailed description
    Our factory production of VHB tape, the price is good, the quality is stable.
    1. Tape thickness: 0.25MM, 0.4MMM, 0.5MM, 0.64MM, 0.8MM, 1.0MM, 1.2MM, 1.6MM, 2.0MM, 3.0MM, special thickness acceptable order!
    2. For the different design and product requirements for different, colloidal colors are: gray / white / transparent / black!

    The main advantages compared to similar products:
    Lasting sticky: the product paste, the longer the sticky the better, will not fall off and make your product can not be used, can continue for several decades
    Stripping force: bonding, glue and film easy to separate, save you a lot of labor costs

    Product Usage:
    1. The car is chrome-loaded, the wind and rain, the side of the strip, body signs, block Yang board, buffer protector, roof rubber and trim, mobile phone seat fixed;
    2, solar modules and roof installation seal fixed, the battery seal fixed;
    3, smart phones, Tablet PC, optoelectronic products, LED, electronic signs, reflective film, the window of the elevator metal parts, plastic pieces, according to the health of fixed.
    4, glass curtain wall of the fixed
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